We’ll Make Sure Your Eyes Get the Specialized Care They Need

We take pride in collaborating with trusted experts in our region to provide personalized and specialized care to our patients. This includes patients referred to us by other trusted doctors as well as our own patients who may benefit from services not available at our office.

We Accept Referrals!

At VisionQuest Eyecare, we believe in working together with other practices to provide the best possible eye care for our community. We’re grateful to receive referrals for patients who need specialized treatments that are not widely available in the area, and our commitment to excellence ensures that they’ll receive the comprehensive and exceptional care they deserve.

Other Services

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Correcting vision through glasses is not enough to slow the progression of nearsightedness. For effective myopia management, our doctors collaborate with Treehouse Eyes to safeguard patient’s eyes and reduce myopia’s progression. Our partnership allows our doctors to receive additional expert training and gain access to advanced tools and resources to ensure long-term eye health.

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Vision Therapy

Sometimes, a patient’s vision can be affected by factors beyond their prescription. For instance, when their eyes don’t coordinate well, such as in cases of strabismus (crossed eyes), or when their brain doesn’t process information properly, as seen in amblyopia (lazy eye). We provide vision therapy services that aim to retrain patients’ eyes and help them regain clear vision.
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Specialty Care

Detecting certain eye diseases can be challenging without specialized equipment and procedures. Our services include looking for early indicators of diabetic eye disease, cataracts, AMD, glaucoma, dry eye, and other conditions before they have a chance to impact your vision.

We Work with Local Specialists & Eye Surgeons

Although we excel at providing highly specialized screenings and disease management, there are certain niche solutions or surgeries that we are unable to offer. That’s why we collaborate with esteemed local experts who specialize in providing dedicated care for eye diseases such as cataracts, diabetic eye disease, AMD, glaucoma, and more. Rest assured, if you come into VisionQuest Eyecare, we’ll make sure your eyes get the treatment they need no matter what!