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Personalized Vision
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Not all vision issues are directly related to your vision prescription. A variety of eye issues can impact the function and effectiveness of your visual system, including crossed eyes, lazy eyes, and other binocular vision problems. Focus Vision Therapy will develop a personalized solution to relieve your uncomfortable symptoms and treat your underlying cause directly!

Dr. Rae A. Winters and Our Vision Therapy Team

Our team, led by Dr. Rae Winters and Dr. Gaia Hess, will identify and address all your concerns during a Binocular Vision Evaluation and Consultation. We’ll create an individualized treatment plan that targets deficient areas through therapy procedures that involve retraining the eyes through movement, focusing, and coordination. Thanks to the efforts of our doctors and vision therapists, hundreds of patients have achieved clear and comfortable sight by improving the function of their visual system — we look forward to providing the same level of personalized care to you!

What Is Vision Therapy?

Similar to how physical therapy helps improve the function of a body part, vision therapy can improve the function of your visual system, particularly how well your eyes communicate what you’re seeing to your brain. We use advanced technology, evaluations, activities, exercises, and personalized treatment plans to improve visual skills and help retrain your brain to correct common vision issues.
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Who Can Benefit from Vision Therapy?

Patients of all ages can benefit from vision therapy, from developing eyes to adults with age-related processing issues. Dr. Rae A. Winters and Focus Vision Therapy will personalize your treatment and exercises to your unique needs and condition, so you get the best results.


Strabismus, or crossed eyes, is a condition in which your eyes don’t line up in the same direction. Vision therapy retrains your brain and eyes to work together to correct this misalignment.


Amblyopia, or lazy eye, happens when your brain doesn’t recognize the sight from one or both of your eyes. Through enhanced eye coordination and reduced suppression (when your brain stops using your weaker eye), we can help you regain your vision with vision therapy!

Concussion / TBI

Did you know that over half of your brain’s neurons are dedicated to your visual system? In the case of a concussion or brain injury, vision therapy can be highly effective in restoring your visual functions and improving your visual skills.

Sports Vision

Athletes rely on their sight to perform at their best. Vision therapy can improve your athletic performance by training your visual coordination and enhancing important visual skills in sports like eye-tracking, focusing, visual reaction time, and visual acuity.

Vision Retainer Solutions

Patients with myopia or eye misalignment need more than prescription eyewear to see clearly and comfortably. Our vision retainer solutions correct the underlying problem by gradually reshaping the front surface of your eye to eliminate or reduce symptoms.

What Can Focus Vision Therapy Do for You?

Vision therapy can boost your quality of life by helping your eyes better communicate with your brain, resulting in clearer, more comfortable vision. It helps correct symptoms such as headaches or fatigue after reading, squinting or head tilting, poor hand-eye coordination, favoring vision in one eye, and problems following a moving target. Pediatric vision therapy is particularly beneficial for children with developmental roadblocks and addresses difficulties identifying letters, misreading words, and more.

Personalized Vision Therapy and Care at Focus Vision Therapy

At our vision therapy center, we recognize and appreciate the individuality of each patient. Every person has unique symptoms, conditions, needs, and visual abilities. As a result, we put in additional effort to familiarize ourselves with you and your eyes to better understand your situation and design a personalized vision therapy program that will work. From performing a comprehensive eye exam to monitoring your progress, our friendly experts are devoted to bringing you the clear, comfortable eyesight you deserve; see for yourself at our Greenwood or Fishers location!