Use Your Vision Benefits Before the End of the Year

Nov 21, 2022 | General Eyecare

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The saying “use it or lose it” can apply to a lot of things, and one of those is vision benefits.

Many people don’t know that the benefits provided to them through their insurance are a one-per-year-and-done deal. There are no rollovers. This is why it’s important that you and your other insured family members stop by today to get your annual eye exams and make sure everything is in top-notch shape.

The Benefits of Your Benefits

Every vision insurance plan is different in its coverage, which can make things confusing, but here at VisionQuest, we understand each type of plan and can help you get the most out of yours.

Your plan may include an FSA, or flexible spending account, which can be applied towards glasses, contacts or whatever your plan covers.

In general, most plans will cover:

  • A comprehensive eye exam
  • Frames for glasses
  • Standard plastic lenses

Some plans include full coverage for contact-lens exams and contacts, but with other plans, they are considered electives and aren’t covered. This is exactly why we’re here to help you figure all of that out before you begin shopping.

Other upgrades for eyewear, such as lens coatings, lens upgrades and anti-glare add-ons are almost always considered electives, so coverage will vary when it comes to those.

The Point of an Eye Exam

You could be saying, “Well, I have 20/20 vision, so what do I need to come in for?” We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: Just because you have 20/20 vision doesn’t mean you don’t need an annual eye exam.

In today’s world, adults spend over 12 hours a day looking at computers and TV screens. This type of eye movement can cause all sorts of eye strain and discomfort over the years, so even if your vision is good, your eye muscles could still have some problems. Even if you have perfect vision, we can guarantee you should at least get your eyes checked out.

Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. In reality, they’re the windows to your physical health. During eye exams, eye doctors can see both the inside and outside of your eyes with the help of lighting and special instruments. Your eyes can give away serious health conditions that could otherwise be undetected, like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Eye doctors also look for serious eye problems such as cataracts or astigmatisms. Because eye doctors can see both the inside and outside of your eyes during an exam, they get to look at both your eye health and your overall health, making getting an annual eye exam beneficial to your whole body.

Versatile Usage

Let’s say you come in, get an eye exam, use some of the money in your FSA for glasses, but there’s still some left. Use it! Don’t let it go to waste.

You can use your FSA money for a variety of things, including important accessories for your eyecare such as cleaning products, cleaning sprays, microfiber cloths and glasses cases. There’s also the option of getting some customized sunglasses or using the leftover money towards a supply of contacts.

Better yet, why not get an extra pair of glasses. Backups can never hurt. Some plans even have a “multiple pair benefits” add-on that allows you to get a second pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses. We can help you get creative and save the most money while using all of your benefits.

Don’t Take Eyesight for Granted

The gift of sight is so important. It allows you to see loved ones, read amazing books and discover new parts of the world. But that gift is something that needs to be taken care of.

Helping you make the most of your vision is our priority. If it’s been a while since we have seen you, call us today to schedule an appointment! We can’t wait to see you.