Framing Up A Few Fashion Tips

May 30, 2022 | Glasses and Eyewear

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When deciding the style of frames, you need to think about – well, YOU.

It’s ok to read about the latest fashion tips for frames or to ask a friend or spouse what they like on your face.

But your new frames should be about your personality and lifestyle – and only you can and should make the final call.

It is important to remember that your glasses generally last a few years – meaning you might want to avoid short-term fashion trends. It can be expensive to purchase frames being worn by a famous person in this week’s Instagram post – only to learn the style has moved on a few months later.

So, to help you balance form and function when picking your new style, here are a few questions you should ask and answer:

  • What type of work do you do?
  • What type of leisure or other activities do you enjoy?
  • Are you an executive, business owner or public relations professional?
  • Are you an active outdoor enthusiast, a busy mom, a retired senior or a student? Are you are a creative person, such as an artist or writer?
  • Or, like most people, do you have a lifestyle that encompasses a number of different activities, interests and personality traits?
  • Make certain you provide this information to your optical staff when selecting the right frames.

If you are wondering about frame fashion for 2020, here are four tips we have learned:

1. Understated Clear Transparent Frames are Back in Style.

Clear plastic has captured the imagination of fashion designers everywhere and is being transposed in an array of clothing and accessory designs, according to If you are wondering if clear frames are a good investment, It looks like they are here to stay, whether in their colorless clear versions or the bolder, colorful counterparts.

2. Combination Material Frames Go Thin or Bold.

The combination-material vibe from 2019, is being combined with exceptionally thin or thick bold looks. Middle-of-the-road constructions are starting to feel bland.

3. Aviator Lens Shapes Turn a Corner.

When it comes to eyewear shapes, the style trends stay round, or are deep squares. Thick rectangles are still out. Aviators in both metal and acetate are still in, but this season only in the round lens shape, not teardrop.

4. Bling Goes Beyond Lady Gaga.

Beyond being a part of wild entertainers, sparkly or usually shaped frames show an attitude for thinking, according to This season, designers decided to add more sparkle to your favorite runways look with blinged-out eyewear.

If you would like a change that tells your story, schedule an appointment with VisionQuest Eyecare today.