Dry Eye Treatment in Fishers & Greenwood, IN

Sep 26, 2022 | General Eyecare

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Dry Eye is the most common eye disease and occurs when your eyes are not producing quality tears. Dry Eye really is tear film dysfunction. The purpose of our tears is to create a smooth optical surface to focus light and to protect the eye’s surface. Low-quality tears form for many reasons.

Poor-quality tears may damage the surface of your eye causing cells to flake off and leading to distorted vision and discomfort. We provide treatment plans that will make your eyes more comfortable.  

The Causes of Dry Eyes

There can be a range of underlying causes of dry eyes because so many factors in your environment and health can affect your eyes. Past eye injuries, allergies and your typical environment are all things an optometrist will look at and ask about before diagnosing the problem. There are tests that the optometrist can do to measure the fluid in your eyes and the composition of that fluid to get a better idea of underlying causation factors.

The Symptoms of Dry Eyes

For the most part, pointing out that you have a problem with dry eyes is easy. You will experience stinging and irritation on a regular basis, your eyes may look red and irritated, and you may even feel like your eyes are always tired.

A few other symptoms include:

  • light sensitivity
  • difficulty focusing
  • blurred vision
  • inability to wear your contacts
  • the sensation of something in the eyes

The Dangers of Dry Eyes

Your tears protect the surface of your eyes from infection. Without enough tear production, you may have an increased risk of infection.

Decreased tear production can be caused by aging, medicine, Allergic Eye Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Thyroid Diabetes, and a Vitamin A deficiency.

Digital devices may also lead to long-term damage in the tear glands. If left untreated dry eyes may lead to abrasion of the corneal surface, corneal ulcers and vision loss.

Even mild dry eyes can make it difficult to perform everyday activities.  

How to Manage Dry Eyes

The Goal

The dangers of Dry Eye disease are important as they have serious health and quality of life consequences. The goal of Dry Eye management is to treat existing dry eye and find ways to effectively manage it for a more comfortable life.

Our Treatments

We are excited at VisionQuest Eyecare to provide Dry Eye Treatment for all ages. We have revolutionary systems that are designed to treat dry eye and reduce more serious eye disease. The equipment and support that we give to our patients are unparalleled in optometry. If you have Dry Eye symptoms, we offer personalized treatment options.