VisionQuest Named Treehouse Eyes Practice of the Year

October 22, 2022


VisionQuest Eyecare of central Indiana has been named Practice of the Year by Treehouse Eyes for its work with children diagnosed with myopia.

Drs. Terry Null and Chris Browning and the VisionQuest team were selected for their success rate and ongoing promotion of the help available for this growing vision-impairment condition among young people. VisionQuest provides myopia management at its offices in Greenwood and Fishers, Indiana.

"It was an honor to be recognized by our peers. However, it's most satisfying to see the results of our help for kids and their parents," said Dr. Browning.

Myopia is the inability to see things clearly unless they are relatively close to your eyes. Also called nearsightedness or shortsightedness, myopia is the most common vision issue among children and young adults. Childhood myopia rates are increasing, with 1 in 3 children now affected.

Treehouse Eyes is a national organization that has practices across the country with the mission to give children better vision for life. As the first healthcare practice dedicated to treating myopic children, our doctors have helped thousands of children to have better vision and reduce their risks of serious eye diseases associated with myopiap.

VisionQuest partners with the leading optometrists and ophthalmologists across the country involved in research and clinical practice of managing myopia. VisionQuest diagnoses and prescribes the treatments using the Treehouse Vision System. In addition to clinical excellence, Treehouse Eyes practices have a commitment to be a nurturing and positive space for parents and their children.

Treehouse Eyes cited the VisionQuest team for its willingness to share essential data amongst their peers, exceptional community outreach and hosting incredible continuing education events. 

"We are thankful to be partnered with such a motivated and inspiring team at VisionQuest," Treehouse Eyes said in a statement.

More information about VisionQuest's myopia management services can be found on our website.