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Experienced, Expert Eyecare

Your eyes need and deserve constant care from a qualified eye doctor. Finding a pair of glasses at an online store or getting an exam at a big box store may not meet all of your vision needs. 

We Provide

  • A comforting patient experience

  • Comprehensive and expert eyecare

  • Stylish eyewear and contact lenses

  • Latest technology

  • Convenient appointment times

About VisionQuest Eyecare


"The ability to really listen with compassion to every patient’s concerns and then having the adaptability to provide a remedy is important."

-Dr. Terry Null, Founding Partner


How We Help

Services Provided

Vision Exams

Diabetic Exams

Contact Lens Exams

Lasik Eye Surgery

Scleral Contact Solutions

Vision Therapy Services

Vision Retainer Solutions

Computer Vision Treatment

Sports Vision Solutions

Sunglasses Service

Conditions Treated

Dry Eye Syndrome

Diabetic Retinopathy

Eye Allergies

Eye Infections

Eye Twitching

Blurry Vision


Dilated Pupils

Itchy Eyes



Close, Convenient Locations

Greenwood and Fishers, Indiana

Providing eyecare to patients south and northeast of Indianapolis.