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Your eyewear not only helps you see better, it also says a lot about your personality. That's why selecting the correct lens and frames is important.

We ask questions about style and how you will use your glasses each day. We walk you through lens and frame options and help you make an ideal choice.

We Help Answer

What's My Style?

The trends change so frequently, but we stay on top of those trends through brand training, along with making sure we have the newest, and best-selling styles available for you.

Which Glasses Look Best on Me?

We encourage you to explore and have fun picking out your glasses. Try styles and colors that you aren't sure about, but trust that we will guide you in the right direction. We take pride in our work, and we want you to look good, too!

What Frame is Right for Me?

Our optician's/stylists study a multitude of facets to find the "right frame" for you. To find the right shape, we study your face shape. Different face shapes look better with certain frame styles.

What are My Best Color Options?

We study your skin tone, including the undertone. This helps you find a frame that flatters your features, instead of clashing or washing you out. In addition to these physical features, we ask personalized questions to determine exactly what your needs entail.

Glasses and Eyewear l VisionQuest Eyecare

What Sets Us Apart

When you need glasses, you can expect excellent service, convenient appointment times and personalized solutions at VisionQuest Eyecare.

Our Opticians/Stylists are:

  • highly trained to provide customized service
  • knowledgeable on the latest optical technologies
  • up to date on the fashion trends that fit your lifestyle
  • and happy to see you come in the door
Glasses and Eyewear l VisionQuest Eyecare

Our Brands

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Kate Spade

logo-kate-spadeKate Spade is a bold, sophisticated, chic frame for the everyday empowered woman. Playful prints, bold shapes and fun colors are applied to easily wearable modern styles. Kate Spade's signature style reimagines the classics in full color. Kate Spade was founded in New York in 1993.


logo-la-fontLafont is a Parisian luxury optical family eyewear brand. Lafont upholds an emphasis on elegance, innovation, and inspiration. Lafont eyewear collections all are delicately rebellious and have an unconventional touch of refinement. With over 200 color combinations and a selection of unique materials, an established Parisian Flair creates what we know as LaFont.

Maui Jim

logo-maui-jimMaui Jim was created in 1980 in Hawaii after seeing a market need for sunglasses that could combat intense glare and harmful UV rays. Maui Jim Sunglasses allow for the brilliant color of the islands. Maui Jim is structurally and stylistically engineered to balance fit with aesthetics. Their advanced frame techniques create light, comfortable frames for everyday wear. Maui Jim is a premium, functional, and elegant product.

Oliver Peoples


Oliver Peoples is an ode to modern aesthetics with vintage craftsmanship. Oliver Peoples is inspired by everything from films, books and travel to magazines and archival pieces. Oliver Peoples make collections for the modern wearer and introduces new shapes and as always, timeless colors. Each Oliver Peoples frame is handcrafted, sculpted, and perfected in West Hollywood, CA.


logo-tiffanyTiffany, the world’s most iconic jewelry brand, is reimagined in frame fashion. Tiffany frames air sophistication, luxury, and class. Tiffany & Co has perfected the art of romance and icons with inspirational designs and deluxe colors. The Tiffany Blue color Is known to be integrated into each line, as well as classic jewels and abundant shapes.

Tom Ford

logo-tom-fordTom Ford believes in the power of eyewear – the first accessory that gets noticed. Ford’s defining aesthetic was made in the Seventies. That decade continues to inform his work in contributions such as the oversized, angular Jacquetta and the Fonda, with soft angles that deliver a new twist on “round.” Ford frames are eccentric, modern, and sophisticated. The sleek “T” logo can be found in the most visually appealing shapes and sizes.

Kids Frame: Lulu

logo-luluLulu Guinness offers the IT frames for girls. Whimsically shaped and artfully done, Lulu frames have a wide variety of colors and styles. Lulu frames are a collection of craft-focused frames that deliver a modern flair.

Kids Frame: Geoffrey Beene

logo-geoffrey-beeneGeoffrey Beene is known for refined elegance. Cutting edge and artistically done, Geoffrey Beene Eyewear is artistically designed for the fashion-savvy. Renowned for modern designs and luxury details, Geoffrey Beene is carefully crafted to give you a sophisticated look.

Other Brands







Rebecca Minkoff

Rag + Bone 

Find the Right Contact

We feature Alcon contact lenses for all types of eyes and can help you see more naturally.