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Anjali Palvia Shah

Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Angali Palvia Shah l VisionQuest Eyecare

Dr. Shah received her doctorate from State University of New York, College of Optometry. During her internship and residency, she received advanced training in pediatrics and ocular disease.

Dr. Shah specializes in primary care, pediatric care, and ocular disease.

She is passionate about catching vision and binocular disorders early in children and, along with the American Optometric Association, encourages and examination with an eye doctor at six months, three years and five years of age.

She sees our northside community's pediatric, nearsighted population and prescribes advanced myopia management treatments to help slow down the growth of the eye and provide children with better vision for life.

As a national speaker and lecturer in the field of myopia management, she is very passionate about taking care of these patients.

As a student, as well as earlier in her career, Dr. Shah served on various medical missions treating communities in North America, Central America, and South Asia.

Now that her kids are 13, 11 and 8, she hopes to serve these underserved communities again with her husband and children.

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Greenwood and Fishers, Indiana

Providing eyecare to patients south and northeast of Indianapolis.