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Patient Testimonials

See what our patients are saying about us.

“Kayla was struggling with reading, specifically skipping words and losing her place. Getting homework done with a terrible struggle.” Kayla says “I couldn’t understand what I was reading in books and I couldn’t keep my spot when I was reading. Kayla is reading much better after Vision Therapy and homework time is much easier now. Kayla loved working with Dr. Liechty!” Kayla reports “I can now get my homework done faster! I can understand my books better and read faster!”

Keith, father of Kayla, age 8

Glasses are perfect. Very pleased with the frames and the color. Girls In the offiice are friendly and helpful. Glasses arrived in exact amount of time given to me

Jo A

I have been going to VisionQuest for 18 years and have never been disappointed. The service improves substantially every year from its already stellar standing.


“Ariana struggled with focusing while reading. Her left eye would not focus. This slowed her reading down and she also struggled with reading comprehension. She had this issue for three years. She failed her reading assignments in school and she was very discouraged when it came to reading anything.” Ariana says “it was hard to read and my eyes didn’t focus. After Vision Therapy, Ariana’s eyes have changed tremendously! Her focus while reading is 110% better. She enjoys reading now. Her comprehension is better. Her grades for reading have improved. Her teacher was very impressed. It was like she was not the child after vision therapy.” Ariana says “I can see clearly! And I don’t have trouble reading or focusing anymore.” Thank you to VisionQuest Eyecare for all that you have done for my daughter. A special thanks goes to Ms. Dana for taking the time and having the patience to help Ariana. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you!

Tianna, mother of Ariana, age 9

Great people, Great service, Always enjoy my visit.

Chuck W

This was first visit. The staff is friendly, very professional and the facilities are first class.

Donald B

Had a great experience at VisionQuest and was excited to not have to have my eyes dilated and still get the same thorough checkup.

Andrew G

Very thorough eye exam and everyone is very helpful in every way.

Barbara M

Great customer service, thorough eye exam. I felt well taken care of.

Heather C

Everyone is friendly and helpful. They explain procedures as you go along.

Donna J

“I kept spilling my drinks after reaching out to grab them. If I dropped something on the ground, I would end up punching the ground while reaching to grab for it. While turning the corners in hallways, I would end up turning too soon and walked into corners. Because my depth perception is now so much better, I am not as covered in bruises as I was before Vision Therapy! I can now properly reach out and grab objects without breaking the object or hurting myself.”

Deanna, age 17

Great group of people. Friendly and professional. The best eye exam I have had in the last few years.

Deborah B

Friendly, punctual, professional....what's left?

Richard S

“We recognized there was a problem in 3rd grade. Haley brought home straight A’s on her report card but the standardized testing conducted for third graders indicated she was barely reading at grade level. It didn’t make sense to us. Was there something wrong with the system or could there be a problem? Initially, we sent Haley to a reading lab to work on improving her comprehension. Haley was crying, asking to stay home from school. She complained constantly that the days were long and she just wanted to be home. A friend at church over-heard me sharing Haley’s story. Good grades, low test scores, crying, etc. She asked if I’d ever had her vision checked. She had passed the school vision screening so I thought that was enough. Wow! Was I wrong. Upon having Haley’s vision tested by Dr. Liechty at VisionQuest, we learned that Haley’s eyes were not converging to read. She was seeing double, seeing blurry words, and struggling to read! It’s no wonder the day seemed long. Haley had learned to compensate by listening well, but the standardized testing exposed the problem. We were heart-broken to learn how she had been struggling. Before Vision Therapy, Haley could barely read for 15 minutes without crying or complaining.” “We have seen remarkable changes in Haley! She enjoys reading!! She doesn’t cry before school; in fact, she looks forward to it. Her standardized test scores have improved significantly! Her scores have gone up 267 points from May to Decemeber. We are grateful for Dr. Liechty, Dana, and Jill and all that they have done to bless Haley with improved vision. She now sits and reads for enjoyment to the point she loses track of time and reads for 30-45 minutes without even checking the clock. Thank you!”

Tracy, mother of Hale, age 9

This office is always ready to help and they are kind about it!

Patricia R

Staff very helpful and courteous. Evening appts work well with my my schedule. I have had diabetes for over 25 years and VisionQuest provides a very thorough exam.

Elisabeth H

Doctor Was Very Helpful, Informative, Friendly. Not Rushed. I Recommend VisionQuest When Ever I Get The Opportunity.

Mark M

I have been going to vision quest for many years and I have never had a bad experience.

Angel S

Dr. Browning has fit my son with eye retainers which is contact he wears and not and he can see clearly most of the day. It is excellent for a child in sports to not wear contacts or glasses.

Pamela M

The staff was friendly and professional. I felt comfortable with the answers received from my questions. Will continue to use VisionQuest for my eye care.

Gary D

Very pleased with the VisionQuest! Such a nice cozy place, pleasant front office staff and fantastic Doctors!

Alecia C

Very pleasant and professional staff, take the time to treat you not only as a patient but as a person

Susan K

“Prior to Vision Therapy, Annaliese was experiencing difficulty with near-vision work. Although she was received straight A’s at school and reading above grade level, I could see she was having problems. When she read, she would skip words, add words, or skip lines altogether. She often had to use her finger to stay on track. While doing computer work, she would complain of eye fatigue and headaches. After Vision Therapy, Annaliese is a strong reader and no longer complains of eye fatigue or headaches while reading or working on the computer. She is able to converge her eyes during up-close work and her visual tracking has greatly improved as well”

Carol, mother of Annaliese, age 9

They took the time to make sure they got it right. I think that says it all. I have severe dry eyes and they helped figure out a contact that works for me. Awesome!

Dean M

Great experience. Very professional and thorough exam.

Randy M

“Aaron had many physical complaints prior to VT. At the beginning of first grade he complained daily of belly aches and not wanting to go to school. He was in the nurse's office 1-2 times/week. We even took him to the pediatrician and a GI specialist who determined he had irritable bowel syndrome due to anxiety. These belly aches usually started the night before school and persisted in the mornings before school. Eventually we saw them occur on the weekends and when on school breaks. We even contemplated taking him to a therapist for his anxiety. Regarding his vision specifically, he complained of blurry vision and seeing "spots" which he stated it was hard to see at school. We considered Aaron's VT as a part of his schooling as we knew we had to get his eyes fixed in order for him to succeed at school. Once we started it was within 3-4 weeks that we saw a complete change in his attitude towards school. He started making comments like "I really like school" and "school is fun." We noticed a huge decrease in his belly aches and actually wanting to go to school. VT has given him the confidence back that he lacked at the beginning of first grade.”

Deborah and Brian, parents of Aaron, age 7

Always a great experience when I go! The entire staff is professional and courteous and do a great job in answering any questions and providing us with excellent care.

James N

Your care and concern is very much appreciated.

Carolyn C

Their service is good and everyone is very friendly.It makes me feel they care about my needs.

Lea G

Everyone from the receptionist to the technician, to the eye doctor was very nice and seemed very competent. They even got me coffee!! Very good people at VisionQuest!!

Gary W

Everyone there is very kind and professional. They have a very nice office and are great with children.

Jon K

Caring detailed and knowledgeable

Marguerite K

Elliot had a hard time in school, with homework, and with recreational activities. With school and homework, Elliot would have a hard time focusing and would get very frustrated and tired. With sports, Elliot had a hard time judging distances. This made it hard for him to catch and hit a ball.” Elliot says “I could not see very well. I could not see very far away, it was blurry. You could tell the longer Elliot was in therapy and doing his exercises the better he did in his schoolwork. Elliot would not get as frustrated with homework and studying for tests. His grades and test scores improved as well. Elliot could also catch and throw balls more accurately. He was not ‘late’ on hitting this year during baseball! This has brought his confidence up in both school and sports. Elliot says “I can now see perfect and I can see very far away!”

Travis, father of Elliot, age 9